Counterbalance Forklifts


Designed for high demand applications, BYD's unique LiFePO4 battery technology allows complete elimination of multiple battery setups and fuel costs associated with engine powered trucks.

Available in 3 and 4 wheel configurations, the award winning BYD range of electric counterbalance forklifts is designed to offer high levels of driver comfort and excellent visibility in all directions.

In addition to the maintenance free battery which is designed to last the lifetime of the truck, dual AC drive motors and oil-immersed disc brakes keep maintenance costs to the absolute minimum.

International Forklift of the Year

At CeMAT 2016 the BYD ECB18C lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) powered forklift was presented with the prestigeous International Forklift of the Year (IFOY) award in the category "Counterbalance trucks up to 3.5 tons".

​Over the course of a one week test in purpose designed test halls at Deutche Messe, Hannover, the judges determined that the BYD ECB18C solves one of the biggest problems with electric forklift trucks; the battery. Its lithium iron phosphate battery can be charged extremely quickly, which means it can handle multiple shifts with ease.

Additionally, the battery is completely maintenance free and can be opporunity charged throughout the shift to top up the level of charge.

​It is not just its battery that makes this truck unique, the IFOY jury also noted the overall finish of the BYD truck is far superior to that of its Chinese competitors. Specifically designed for the European market with dual AC drive motors and maintenance free wet disc brakes the ECB18C is also compact and offers excellent all-round visibility.

Model Range

Three Wheel Counterbalance

Four Wheel Counterbalance


ECB16 (1.6 ton) / ECB18 (1.8 ton)

Battery Type: 80v LiFePO4Battery
Capacities: 270Ah
Full charge cycle: 50 mins (270Ah battery)
30 mins top up charge: +32%

ECB16 (1.6 ton) / ECB18 (1.8 ton)

Battery Type: 80v LiFePO4
Battery Capacities: 270Ah, 540Ah
Full charge cycle: 50 mins (270Ah battery)
30 mins top up charge: +32%

ECB30 (3.0 ton) / ECB35 (3.5 ton)

Battery Type: 80v LiFePO4
Battery Capacities: 540Ah
Full charge cycle: 105 mins
30 mins top up charge: +25%

Standard features

Optional features

  • LiFePO4 battery
  • Plug-in side charging in 4 seconds
  • BYD Fast Intelligent Charger
  • Grammer MSG65 seat
  • Fingertip controls
  • Convenience tray with USB outlet
  • Rear handle with horn button
  • LED work lights and beacon
  • Dual AC drive motors
  • Oil-immersed disc brakes
  • Anti-roll back
  • Automatic speed reduction
  • Fleet Management System
  • Camera system
  • Onboard weigh scale
  • Range of cabins
  • Non-marking tyres
  • Plus much more

Rapid charging

Maintenance-free battery

Top-up charging


Cutting edge BYD LiFePO4 battery and charger technology results in full charge cycles as fast as 50 minutes.

Unique BYD battery requires no operator maintenance, no water top ups and is ultra-safe with no harmful emissions.

Opportunity charge during breaks and downtime with no negative impact on battery performance.

Anti-roll back

Automatic speed reduction

Fingertip controls


Dual AC drive motors prevent roll back when starting from a stop on an incline, even when fully laden.

Automatic Speed Reduction of driving speed when cornering enhances stability and improves operator safety.

Deluxe Grammer seat with fingertip controls and integrated directional control offers superior driver comfort.


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