Ride-On Pallet Truck


Currently available in ride-on configuration with a walk-behind model coming soon, the BYD range of electric pallet trucks is designed to offer excellent versatility in high demand applications.

With its foldable platform and side protection bars, it can be used to efficiently load and unload trailers as well as operate within a warehouse environment.

‚ÄčBenefiting from a maintenance-free battery, the BYD PTP20 pallet truck can be opportunity charged extremely quickly, enabling its single battery to last for multiple shifts

Model Range

Ride-On Pallet Truck

Standard features

  • LiFePO4 battery
  • Plug-in top charging in 4 seconds
  • BYD Fast Intelligent Charger
  • Ergonomic tiller head
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Spacious, fold-up platform with durable folding safety bars
  • Creep speed mode

PTP20 (2.0 ton)

Battery Type: 24v LiFePO4
Battery Capacities: 110Ah, 230Ah
Full charge cycle: 55 mins (110Ah battery)
30 mins top up charge: +45%

Optional features

  • Anti-slip wheels
  • Coldstore preparation
  • Range of fork dimensions
  • Fleet Management
  • PIN access

Rapid charging

Maintenance-free battery

Top-up charging


Cutting edge BYD LiFePO4 battery and charger technology results in full charge cycles as fast as 55 minutes.

Unique BYD battery requires no operator maintenance, no water top ups and is ultra-safe with no harmful emissions

Opportunity charge during breaks and downtime with no negative impact on battery performance.

Ergonomic tiller head

Easy access charging

Shock absorbing platform


With responsive controls and angled hand grips, the comfortable tiller head is designed with the operator in mind

Easy access to the charging point, simply lift the lid and plug in the charger. No need to disconnect cables

The shock absorbing and anti-skid platform provides a safe and comfortable working environment for the operator


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