Bulmor industries develop and manufacture sideloaders, multidirectional sideloaders and special-purpose lifting trucks at its headquarters in Perg, Austria. Their brands JUMBO, IRION, LANCER res synonymous with long load handling.

bulmor lancer

Long Load Handling

Today, BULMOR is one of the strongest brands in the sector and manufactures customer-specific four-way sideloaders with lifting capacities of 2 to 10 tonnes, sideloaders with lifting capacities of 4 to 20 tonnes and electric sideloaders with lifting capacities of 4 to 8 tonnes.

With locations in Germany and the UK, Bulmor machines are backed by an experienced team of experts to keep your business moving.


Big wheels, high-performance drive and an exceptionally solid lifting unit ensure power reserves when it comes to extraordinary applications. This category of sideloaders easily, comfortably and safely handles loads of up to 8 tonnes

Bulmor sideloaders are used in various industries such as timber, steel, aluminium, plastics or metal. Depending on the customer’s needs and requirements, the sideloaders can be driven with Diesel, LPG

DQnr40-50 (4000kg – 5000kg)
DQrc50-60 (5000kg – 6000kg)
DQr  60-80 (6000kg – 8000kg)
DQn 40-50 (4000kg – 5000kg)
DQ   60-80 (6000kg – 8000kg)

Electric Sideloaders

Transporting loads without noise and emissions is possible with our series of electric side lift forklift. Similar to the diesel-powered version, the electric sideloader easily lifts loads of up to 8 tonnes but particularly impresses by working in a silent and environmentally friendly way.

EQc   30-40 (3000kg – 4000kg)
EQck 30-40 (3000kg – 4000kg)
EQn  40-50 (4000kg – 5oookg)
EQ    60-80 (6000kg – 8000kg)

Heavy Sideloaders

Built to withstand the demands of long load lifting, Bulmor’s Heavy Line Sideloaders deliver robust performance and exceptional manoeuvrability. With lift capacity ranging from 10,000 kg to 18,000 kg the versatility of these machines is second to none. Used in various industries such as timber, steel, aluminium, plastics or metal these diesel machines have enough power to get the job done with ease.


DQ10-12 (10,000kg – 12,000kg)
DQ13-15 (13,000kg – 15,000kg)
DQ16-18 (16 000kg – 18,000kg)

Cost-efficient handling solution for a comfortable and safe handling of all kinds of heavy and bulky goods such as:

  • Timber
  • Profiles
  • Tubes
  • Steel

4 Way Sideloaders

Perfect mobility, adjustable platform height and platform width, and a broad set of mast programmes – Bulmor 4-way sideloaders maximise your storage capacity in every kind of storage area.

The IRION 4-way forklift has proved successful on the market for over 50 years. The two-part frame ensures optimal stability of the Multidirectional Sideloader. A horizontal kingpin connects the main frame to the U-frame in order to easily compensate irregularities of the ground. All four axles remain in constant contact with the ground to ensure maximum stability.

The single-piece frame of this 4-way forklifts is based on a unique design that has proved successful on the market for 40 years. In combination with the multifunctional wheel, all wheels remain in constant contact with the ground.

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